Open Burning Rules for Georgiafirepic


Georgia’s open burning rule does not specify what you cannot burn, but instead, it specifies what you can burn. Click here for a list of those types of open burning that are legal in the state of Georgia. Please note that the burning of garbage or lumber, even in a burn barrel is illegal. The purpose of the State open burning rule is for public safety and air quality benefits. All open burning in the State of Georgia is prohibited with the exception of the 13 types of burn activities listed. There are additional restrictions on burning in specific counties depending on a county’s location, population, and time of year.

Any type of open burning, also know as outdoor burning, in the state of Georgia will require a permit, with the exception of acceptable agricultural burning. To obtain a permit, simply call 1-877 OK2BURN or obtain one online at: http://www.gatrees.org/OnlinePermits/. The online burn permit website is provided by the Georgia Forestry Commission, which provides the permits, and will also alert you of any addition local burn restrictions.

INTERACTIVE MAP: Click on a county to find legal burn types and other county-specific
information. There is also a dropdown menu below the map.